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Thanksgiving Kirtan in Sunnyvale

Hare Krishna,

Please join us for continuous 9 Hour Kirtan on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 23rd from 11:30 am to 8:30 pm to express our thankfulness to the Supreme Lord Krishna! Chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra is the yuga dharma of this age and is the best way to seek the blessings of the Lord and express gratitude to Him.

In Srimad Bhagavatam (12.3.51), it is stated:
kaler doṣa-nidhe rājann, asti hy eko mahān guṇaḥ
kīrtanād eva kṛṣṇasya, mukta-saṅgaḥ paraṁ vrajet

"My dear King, although Kali-yuga is full of faults, there is still one good quality about this age. It is that simply by chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra, one can become free from material bondage and be promoted to the transcendental kingdom."

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Jai Shri Krishna / Rasa Leela (Video)

Bhavananda Das and the Poison Issue (by Nityananda das)




Bhavananda das developed the Mayapur project in cooperation with Jayapataka Swami from the very early 1970’s. He accomplished great strides forward in establishing the Hare Krishna movement in West Bengal, and was both a GBC member and a sannyasi. However, there is evidence that he was involved in poisoning Srila Prabhupada along with others such as Tamal in 1977. 

With the demise of Tamal, Bhavananda remains as a living and prime suspect in the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada. In this chapter we will combine material related to his being a poison suspect with material which shows him to be an unqualified leader, so not to have two separate chapters.


In 1981 Tamal told his disciples in a lecture that Bhavananda was his favorite of all the ISKCON gurus.  Bhavananda and Tamal "best friends" would often spend time together in Vrindaban, Mayapur, Australia, and so on. There are many photos of the two of them walking together in Vrindaban or elsewhere with big smiles. They were best of friends, and very close. Tamal recruited him in Los Angeles in 1969, and once rescued him from Hollywood when he had left the temple. 

Sept. 9, 1981, Tamal spoke in Melbourne about his host, Bhavananda Swami. Tamal explained how he recruited Bhavananda in Los Angeles. Some excerpts: 

“It was easy to see that he was a very special personality. The surprising thing to me was that he understood everything I was saying. There was no difficulty for him to grasp the (philosophy)… I never saw anyone take to Krishna consciousness so effortlessly before, he was practically already Krishna conscious. Simply there was some temporary covering, that’s all. 

"He didn’t pose any arguments, he was simply making questions and hearing, like I never met anyone. I was very glad to meet such a nice person; we were good friends and I felt very close to him. He was always blissful… So he just joined very easily, not in any way ordinary.” 

In Bhakticharu Swami’s Ocean of Mercy (p 102) it is written: “You [Bhavananda] are also one of those fortunate souls. I notice what a deep relationship you have with him. Maharaja smiled and said, ‘Yes that’s true. We developed a deep friendship from the first time we met.”

COMMENT: Yes, Tamal and Bhavananda were best of friends. Birds of a feather flock together. Tamal was almost certain to be involved in poisoning Srila Prabhupada, so just on the basis of how very close he was with Bhavananda, it is suspected Bhavananda would also be involved in some way, and more so than just knowing about it. Bhavananda spent much time with Tamal and Srila Prabhupada in late 1977.


Following is the "Statement by Bhavananda das" from "Not That I Am Poisoned"
 (2000), pg. 135: 

"I have been most apprehensive about becoming involved in what I saw to be an "endless debate" on the internet over the poison issue. When Hari Sauri prabhu made the point that many innocent devotees were becoming bewildered by all this I felt duty bound to make a statement - and one statement only - for the record. I did not poison Srila Prabhupada nor was I involved in a conspiracy to poison Srila Prabhupada. Absolutely none of my God brothers poisoned Srila Prabhupada. The entire poison issue is ludicrous and beyond absurd.

COMMENT: The evidence shows that someone certainly did poison Srila Prabhupada, so how can it be absurd? If it is so absurd and ludicrous in 2000, then why did Bhavananda not say this to Srila Prabhupada in 1977, when he was in the same room with him and other caretakers, and when Srila Prabhupada spoke about being poisoned, and no one in the room, including himself, protested? 

Why has this matter become absurd now, when it was acknowledged TEN times in a few minutes time in 1977? (see Ch. 12) Of course, Bhavananda does not address this glaring contradiction. Bhavananda says he did not poison Srila Prabhupada, he was not involved in a conspiracy to poison Srila Prabhupada, his God brothers did not poison Srila Prabhupada, and that the entire poison issue is ludicrous and beyond absurd. 

But from the transcripts of the Nov. 9-11, 1977 tapes (T-44/45/46), we see everyone at Srila Prabhupada's bedside agreed with the poisoning allegation. NO ONE, not Bhavananda, Tamal Krishna, Bhakticharu, the doctor, et al, made any such denial when Srila Prabhupada said (a) he was being poisoned (b) he had heard that he was being poisoned (c) he had the symptoms of someone who was being poisoned (d) he had read about the symptoms of poisoning.

GBC's book:

"Anyone who was present in Vrindavana at that time could not deny that every attempt both material and spiritual was made in an effort to keep Srila Prabhupada with us all as long as possible. Srila Prabhupada departed by his own sweet will and by the desire of Lords Krishna and Balarama."

COMMENT: Really? See Chapter 40: Rejection of Proper Medical Care. 

Actually, there was a very aggressive aversion to having qualified doctors come to see or disgnose Srila Prabhupada. Dr. Khurana, Naveen Krishna das’ father, came and offered to arrange a series of qualified medical specialists and a complete hospital staff with equipment to come to Vrinadaban from Delhi at their own expense to test and treat Srila Prabhupada in his quarters. The offer was refused by Tamal. There was a bewildering parade of medical men throughout 1977, as one was taken on, then rejected, and another sought out. Each one was discredited by Tamal, then rejected. This was a recurring pattern.

Those were extremely difficult times not only for those of us who were nursing him but also for all his disciples around the world. I don't know where Nityananda dasa was at that time but his assistance in caring for Srila Prabhupada would have been greatly appreciated by his Godbrothers.

COMMENT: The devotees all over the world nor Nityananda das were told that Srila Prabhupada had called all his disciples to come see him, and so they faithfully maintained their posts of service.

Srila Prabhupada was certainly never more approachable by all the devotees regardless of sannyasa, grhastha, male, female or even child. I remember thinking Srila Prabhupada would want some privacy from the video camera of Yadubara prabhu but he told me Yadubara should be allowed to film whatever he wanted. So you can understand that an atmosphere of openness prevailed, not one of secrecy and whispers as the real poison conspirators are implying.

COMMENTS: This is absolutely untrue. Tamal did not allow guests to see Srila Prabhupada unless he screened them and approved them. There was no openness. Bhaktisiddhanta das stated that he was the guard, and was instructed to keep everyone out. Maybe Yadubara had access, but others did not. But even if there was total accessability, does that prove that a secret poisoning was impossible? 

Bhakticharu also wrote in Ocean of Mercy that Tamal restricted all devotees from seeing Srila Prabhupada, who was “off limits.” Thus, Bhavananda who is here deliberately misportraying the situation in Srila Prabhupada’s last months, as one of accessibility for everyone to Srila Prabhupada when actually there was severely restricted access to Srila Prabhupada, then he must be either dishonest or completely unaware of the actual events which he himself experienced. Why would he mischaracterize the situation in 1977? Thus we think he is misportraying the situation for a hidden motive. What is it? Here are three confirmations about the severely restricted access to Srila Prabhupada in late 1977:

(1). BF: What do you mean were the guy at the garden gate ? 
Bhaktisiddhanta das (BSD): I was the guard at the garden gate [in 1977]. 
BF: What were your instructions? 
BSD: My job was to stop anyone who tried to enter. 
BF: By anyone, you mean who was not approved ? BSD: That's right. I was there everyday. 
BF: Are you telling me, you were one of Tamal's security force. 
BSD: Yes.

(2). “…Srila Prabhupada was about to leave his body. The doors of his room, which for months had been closed and guarded, were thrown open, and devotees streamed in.” (Ocean of Mercy, p 232, Nov 14, 1977)

(3). Long-time Indian resident Abhinandana das (2004) about Dr. Ghosh from Vrindaban Research Institute: 

“Dr. Ghosh only had one story to tell. Under the Tamal tree in Krishna Balaram Mandir, Srila Prabhupada was sitting (there is a famous photo), wearing dark sunglasses. Dr. Ghosh told us that Srila Prabhupada immediately recognized him and called him close to tell him something. However as he approached, devotees were instructed by Srila Prabhupada's servants to obstruct his path. He especially remembered big whomper kartalas in his face, and he gave up and left. He was extremely suspicious and definitely favourable towards the idea of foul play.”

Doubtless there is much work to be done for Srila Prabhupada to save the conditioned…. Let us all at least put this particular lunacy to rest to allow us to get on with the serious work at hand. I remain the most lowly and unqualified servant of all the Vaishnavas of ISKCON. Bhavananda dasa."

COMMENT: How can the Hare Krishna movement go forward without an honest, unbiased, and thorough investigation into this matter? The mountain of evidence demands it, and strongly points to poisoners of the pure devotee still remaining in the leadership of ISKCON. Bhavananda’s dismissal of the evidence as absurd is meaningless because he himself has no credibility due to his own past history. 

No righteous person would give credence to a man of Bhavananda’s character, except for the GBC who has chosen to enshrine his ‘statement’ in their publication. That they use someone like Bhavananda as a witness in defence, reveals their desperation and the depths oftheir darkness. It appears as though the institution controlled by very questionable elements is intent on harbouring the suspects without allowing any real, honest, or unbiased investigation. What an outrageous insider cover-up sham.

Bhavananda’s statement follows a similar pattern to that of the other suspects; a pretenious apathy to address the allegations of murder. This is -planned deception. He tries to stifle queries by labelling it a disturbance to "innocent devotees". Looking at his history, we find his disregard for "innocence" will show his concerns to be totally false.


Below we regretfully delve into the history of Bhavananda, not to simply dig up the mud and throw it around, but to show that after Bhavananda attained guruhood in 1978, he went practically crazy with sense gratification. When tempted with the opportunity to become an as good-as-God initiating guru himself just like Srila Prabhupada, he could not control himself. 

His life became consumed in the fire of that all-attractive ambition. The things Bhavananda did from 1978 to 1987 reveal a man who could do just about anything for his senses, and that kind of cruel and selfish person is certainly capable of involvement in poisoning someone. Child rape, sex with brahmacharis (voluntary and involuntary), beatings and abuse of school children, sex with taxi drivers, living an opulent high-life off of his disciples’ hard labour, and then never making any amends or even admissions, shows specific character traits. Thus he also cannot be trusted when he speaks or acts. 

Bhavananda aka Charles Bacis “They say power corrupts, and these 11 successor gurus had absolute power over their thousands of adoring disciples in their zones. They being worshipped as God. The craziness that developed from this is impossible to explain. Hardly can one believe it. I joined ISKCON at the height of this craziness in 1986, in perhaps the craziest place in ISKCON -Australia, where the God man was Vishnupada (Bhavananda) and we were all supposed to worship him. 

I lived in all the temples, I know all the devotees from that time, and I know exactly what was going on because I saw it with my own eyes. Bhavananda had twisted the philosophy of Krishna consciousness to facilitate his own material sense gratification. He did not have faults because he was a pure devotee of Krishna, non-different from Krishna... He was not having faults, but lilas, pastimes. And he was very much pleased by having sex with young males. He had a group of "intimate" advanced disciples and only to them he preached the true topmost philosophy of Krishna consciousness -- that the highest devotees please the spiritual master by having sex with him... 

It sounds crazy but it is true. He used his position as spiritual master in Srila Prabhupada's movement to collect young men for his sexual pleasure. He created a whole philosophy and justification for this by quoting from Prabhupada's books, with "intimate" disciples who served him in this way, and he kept the whole thing secret from all other devotees.”(Madhudhvisa das brahmachary, 2011) 

The number of accusations against Bhavananda for sexual molestation of children, sex with various brahmacharis, voluntary or involuntary, intoxication while working at Govinda’s Restaurant in Sydney, and flings with taxi drivers paints a picture of an uncontrolled sense gratifier.


ANON was a disciple of Prabhavishnu das, and a sincere and long standing Australian devotee since just after Srila Prabhupada departed, and who still serves at an ISKCON property in Australia. Through trusted intermediaries, the following history was received from ANON. When we tracked him down, he was understandably hesitant to speak with us, but we have his name and location on file.

“I was upstairs in the toilet of the sannyasi quarters of the North Sydney ISKCON temple in 1995 due to a very urgent, sudden call to use the toilet. I was behind the toilet door when Tamal and Bhavananda suddenly entered the sannyasi quarters. Tamal had been staying there on a visit. From the bathroom, and while I remained silent, I could clearly overhear their conversation, but they did not know I was there. 

Bhavananda at the time had just been sacked from Govinda's Restaurant in Sydney by Pratapana's wife, the Govinda's manager, allegedly because he was unable to control his drinking. Bhavananda wanted to continue living in the temple, to continue with the restaurant management for which he was receiving a stipend, but Tamal was completely opposed, saying those who could not maintain certain standards could not be so allowed. Bhavananda was getting very upset and strongly raised his voice. He wanted Tamal’s support and finally Bhavananda gave an ultimatum to Tamal: 

"You help me with this or I will publicly expose your activities and what really happened during Prabhupada’s last year while you were his secretary.”

“Tamal became quiet and acquiesced to Bhavananda, telling him to calm down. Tamal then successfully campaigned for Bhavananda’s reinstatement and continued involvement in the North Sydney temple. Tamal then soon departed Australia.” 

When ANON heard the allegations of the intentional poisoning of Srila Prabhupada in 1997, he reflected on this incident just a few years earlier, and he now strongly believes in his heart that Bhavananda's extortionary threat to Tamal was to reveal something about Tamal’s involvement with Srila Prabhupada’s poisoning. (As related by Mandapa das and Michael, in January 2016)


“The Australian temples all had 2 marathons a year, and in the name of Mayapur, Bhavananda took all the money. He did squander some of it on BMWs, first-class air fares, and expensive shoes etc. Also he chilled out in expensive holiday resorts. But there was no evidence that he had a stash because when he was sacked he didn’t have a cent. 

After his exposure for illicit sex I demanded his removal; as a result I was beaten up twice by his disciples. The next story has reached a little exposure. In the mid-80’s, he (Bhavananda) visited the Mildura farm and raped a young brahmachari who was threatened not to tell anyone. The kid was traumatised and became depressed, but he told Krodesvara das, the TP of the farm, what had happened. Then he committed suicide. This was around the time of Bhavananda’s expulsion. Krodesvara sought justice for the young boy. 

But no one believed, they were all protecting Bhavananda. Naresvara was residing in Sydney at the time and supressed the news. Krodesvara went to Mayapur where he protested loudly about what had happened. He was then kicked out of Mayapur for causing a disturbance. This incident has been kept secret for so long. I have told Subhalaxmi about this, and found that Krodesvara had told her years ago. So hopefully Bhavananda will be indicted. Krodesvara will willingly testify. Later Bhavananda was a paid employee of Pratapana das as the Maitre’d and brought all his gay and boy friends to drink champagne with him at Govinda’s.” (Sabhapati das, 2016) 

Bhavananda on his Guru Asana ... It is always good when stories such as the above are verified, and Achyuta das (2017) did so as follows: 

“I recall this incident very well and I have further information to add. Firstly, I will say I am saddened to learn of the suicide of that boy. I have wondered up until today, even contemplated trying to find him, what had become of him. I recall his name- not an initiated one- to be Matsya. He was a student at the gurukula when I was the headmaster. 

He was about 12 years old and had come to the school when his mother became a Bhavananda disciple. I recall she was a troubled person, drug user and prostitute from Kings Cross where the Darlinghurst temple and restaurant are located. The son came specifically through Bhavananda’s intervention- you know the drill- get her out collecting money and leave her child to be educated. 

“He was a rough boy, irreverent, not so much into being there but he got on alright and I remember his mother coming to visit occasionally. One day I received a phone call from Bhavananda asking me to send the boy from Murwillumbah to the Mildura farm. (as an aside, I recall his closest friend to be the boy I mentioned being chased through the woods by Gaur Gopal- poor kids)- I was troubled by the request. 

He was asking me to make arrangements to send a 12 year old boy on a 2,000-kilometer journey on his say so, with Bhavananda presenting himself as acting in the interests of the mother for Matsya’s welfare. The devotees in M’bah, there were no intelligent, responsible persons to consult with locally so I called Balarama das (Robert Horton) the President in Melbourne to talk about it. 

He was just as displeased as I was, didn’t think it was proper but counseled me to buckle under and comply with Bhavananda’s request to keep the peace. I do not recall exactly the details of the trip but I sent the boy off to Mildura. 

“Some time later the sauna in Bhavananda’s custom built residence at the farm in Mildura burned down. The insurance company demanded an investigation and sent investigators to the farm, determining the fire was arson. After studying the list of devotees they interrogated Matsya and his guilt was discovered. The insurance investigators concluded that they would not make the insurance payoff unless ISKCON pressed charges against the boy. 

I did not know these above facts then, and not long after the sauna was torched, Bhavananda came to Murwillumbah for one of his regular stays. I had a personal conversation with Bhavananda about Matsya and the fact that he had burned down the sauna. That was a very memorable conversation as I witnessed Bhavananda speak about Matsya with venom and hate. It was startling in its intensity and most unseemly in the person of a so-called guru. 

I recall him vowing- I use the word with the full intensity of its meaning- to prosecute him in court- he even used the phrase “to the full extent of the law.” 
“The case never went to court. The reason (I believe Khrodesvara was my informant here but it was a long time ago so I cannot be sure) was due to these factors. The mother had a brother, the boy's uncle, who was a police detective in South Australia. I was told he personally communicated that should they attempt to prosecute Matsya for the arson, the molestation of Matsya by Bhavananda in the sauna would feature prominently in the defense. 

For this reason, the case did not proceed. Still, Bhavananda was portrayed as a victim and ANOTHER MARATHON (the Aussie devotees were victims of many marathons conducted for nefarious purposes) was conducted to rebuild the entire place- I recall a 400K figure for that. 

“Oohh mate, there is so much more on this scumbag Bacis here in Oz.”


Bhavananda, Hansadutta, and Jayapataka were present when the poison whispers took place on November 11, 1977. It is widely perceived and recognized that Bhavananda’s voice is heard in these incriminating whispers. He is the one who giggles in the middle of the whisper: 

“The poison’s going down.” (Bhavananda giggles) “The poison’s going down.”  
Let the record reflect that many devotees consider it to be Bhavananda who is giggling, based on the recognizability of his unique voice. He was in the room, and the few others present do not have a voice like that in the giggle. Tamal is whispering about poison going down, and his close friend is giggling about it. Very weird, but it is what it is.

--- [(((audio1.mp3)))] ---

--- [(((audio2.mp3)))] ---

--- [(((audio3.mp3)))] ---


Bhavananda: What medicine was he taking before that? 
Bhakticharu: Konsa...? (What....?) 
Kaviraja: Kuuch nahin. (Nothing.) 
Bhakticharu: He was referring to a case, a big murder case in Calcutta, the husband poisoned the wife. 
Bhavananda: Guha. 
Kaviraja: Svarupa Guha...abhi uska case..... (Svarupa Guha ...the case is now...) 
Bhakticharu: Shankara Bannerjee was... 
Bhavananda: Our lawyer is the...(sniggers/snickers).

We fail to find any humor in these discussions, but Bhavananda does. It is very clear that he and the others were discussing actual poisoning cases in reaction to Srila Prabhupada’s complaint of “That same thing, that someone has poisoned me.” So how was it not absurd in 1977, but now it is?


“Tamal was also very close to Bhavananda, and protected him on many occasions. Meanwhile, Tamal was saying openly, even in his class lectures, ‘Bhavananda is the most enlivening associate I have, out of all the GBC.’ So why have all these people chosen to protect Bhavananda, to cover up for him, to befriend him, to provide him with kingly opulence? What is it, exactly? Bhavananda didn't have charisma or shakti, but he's been like Teflon all these years. 

He's like the Ganges. 

You're made to believe that he's always pure, regardless of the fact you can feel, hear and see such filth in front of your eyes. Yet on the authority of the higher echelons of ISKCON, we're supposed to believe that it's just our own material contamination that causes us to see him as being impure, regardless of all the evidence. We can only conclude that Bhavananda is holding something over them, and they well know he's ruthless enough to use it if he doesn't get his way. We also haven't heard a peep out of anyone else who was at Mayapura at the time. There was Bhagavan, Rameswara, Harikesha, Tamal, and Hridayananda. 

You can assume with near certainty that they all knew about Bhavananda, just as all of them knew, in detail, about Kirtanananda. They knew Kirtanananda was a pedophile and they knew Bhavananda was a flagrant homosexual, if not also a pedophile. These men knew pretty much everything that was going on in the movement, in everyone else's zone. The pact they had amongst themselves was unbelievably strong. Their club membership trumped all the absolute principles of guru, shastra and sadhu, the spiritual master, common sense, and morals. The level of their camaraderie was so great it exceeded the laws of any land, whether India or the western countries. I've never personally experienced that degree of loyalty, nor have I seen it exhibited in any other circumstance throughout my life.” (Rocana das, Sampradaya Sun)

COMMENTS: Bhavananda lost his guruship in 1987, and then he was broke and dishonored. The pattern of favoritism and protection of Bhavananda that Rochan speaks of is likely due to the need to keep Bhavananda quiet, for all that he knew, as he held a great power over the others’ heads. The GBC had no choice but to expel him in 1987 because of the great rebellion amongst the general membership. The GBC had already reinstated him once; they could not get away with it a second time. But ever since then, Bhavananda worked his way back into ISKCON’s leadership; for many years he has been situated in top management of the Mayapur Planetarium project with support from financier Ambarisha das.


“The ISKCON Child Protection Office (CPO) has received several testimonies of alleged child abuse perpetrated by Bhavananda das. The CPO has received an email letter; dated November 19, 1999, from [?] reporting on a conversation he had with Bhavananda das. During that interview Bhavananda responded to some of the accusations of child abuse that he allegedly perpetrated. 

Bhavananda has not responded to other attempts of the CPO to contact him concerning the investigation of this case. 

“Bhavananda got angry with the children about something. He had all the children come downstairs to the basement and expose their bottoms. He started to whack them indiscriminately. Bhavananda made a child eat raisins till the child vomited. Bhavananda, practically every day, would punch the child’s arms. His arms had black and blue bruises due to this. This routine continued for about a year. The child reported that he told two leading ISKCON authorities about these arm-punching incidents, but they just laughed and didn’t take it seriously. 

This witness also related that Bhavananda would whack children on the head with a gong stick during kirtana. The witness further stated that on occasion Bhavananda would come to the gurukula and start abusing children, grabbing them to get them out of bed, pushing them, and yelling at them. 

“Witness 5, during a phone interview with a representative from the CPO, stated that 5 times, in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, Bhavananda made him, when he was a teenager, masturbate Bhavananda, and Bhavananda passed semen. When Bhavananda read the allegations from witness 5, he shook his head in denial and said something about it being "some kind of madness," indicating that the accusation is absurd. Bhavananda did not reply to attempts by the CPO to obtain from him a written statement concerning the allegations of witness 5. 

“This panel herein acknowledges the many years of service that Bhavananda das has devoted to Srila Prabhupada's movement, and appreciates his expressed willingness to atone for the mistakes he made that caused suffering for children in Srila Prabhupada’s movement. The panel accepts the testimonies of witnesses 1, 2, 3, and 4. Concerning witness 5, there is some uncertainty as to whether witness 5 was a minor at the time of the alleged incidents. 

Thus it is not clear whether the allegations of witness 5 fall under the jurisdiction of the CPO, and therefore this panel will not adjudicate those allegations. Based on the evidence and descriptions above, this panel has determined the following: 

Bhavananda dasa physically and psychologically abused several children, thus causing pain and suffering for these young devotees.” (END)

COMMENT: We can’t help but notice that while other offences are serious, the allegations made by witness 5 are most alarming. Yet, it was never reported to the civil jurisdiction where it belongs due to uncertainty as to whether witness 5 was a minor at the time of the alleged incidents. There have been a number of other allegations of Bhavananda’s child rape and sexual molestation that were never investigated. A note from the Child Protection Office director Dhira Govinda das in regards to witness 5, received in 2017, is as follows: 

“The team that investigated the allegations from witness 5, and the panel that adjudicated the case of Bhavananda dasa, were quite certain that Bhavananda did do what was accused by witness 5. It just wasn’t certain whether witness 5 was a legal minor at the time of the transgressions, in the country where the transgressions happened.”



[ ]

"First of all Bhavananda (Charles Bacis) was caught in 1976 having anal sex with a young boy in Mayapura. Tamal Krishna covered up this incident according to Yasodanandana das. Bhavananda's history includes his assisting in the direction of the underground pornographic movie 'Chelsea Girls,’ in which the 'girls' were actually homosexuals. Bhavananda was friends with Andy Warhol. The next known case was in 1983, the one with the taxi driver (a chauffeur hired by the Vrindaban temple). This taxi driver also admitted he was having homosexual relations with Bhavananda's appointed Vrindaban temple president. Bhavananda paid 500 rupees to the driver for sexual relations while riding to Delhi.”



[ ]
[ ]

“Many of these boys who were Bhavananda's disciples were known to be having sex with each other and molesting other younger children. Bhavananda would insist on inspections of us children during his visits. We lined up with only a loincloth, and he would go through the showers, then, with a corn scrubber in hand, look at our naked bodies and arbitrarily scrub some 'dirt' off.”


“Bhavananda as a Guru was a pedophile who habitually had sexual intercourse with men and gurukula children. A boy burned down Bhavanada’s house in Australia. When the boy was questioned by the police he said that the owner of the house had raped him. The local temple president testified in court that it was impossible and the boy was sent to a juvenile prison. By the time the boy was due to be released Bhavananda was no longer a Guru. Instead of attempting to make amends the temple president involved became concerned over a possible retaliation the boy might make against him. He was not at all repentant or empathetic for the child. In Vrindavana Bhavananda once threw a boy from the first floor balcony of the Gurukula building into the garden because the boy was irritating him. 

“When Bhavananda was the GBC, he was very close with Satadhanya (Maharaj), who was at one time the main manager in Mayapur. At this time there were Gurukula boys who were designated to be the “Swamis’ service boys” These boys are known to have had to perform sexual services. To this day Bhavananda gives classes and is offered respect and honor as a “senior” Prabhupada disciple. When he comes to Mayapur he is allowed to give class and still receives royal treatment. Why does nobody stand up to say that Bhavananda is not fit to sit on the Vyasasana and present the philosophy?”


“Here in Australia I have had to contend with the dark sith lord Charles Bacis aka Bhavananda; much of my 35 years in Oz have been affected by the dangerous, vicious actions of Bliss Charlie (I call him) and his flunkies. In the late eighties, I was required to maintain a discrete profile when a group of his followers decided that I should be killed. 

It was an Australian television broadcast, nationally televised, that featured an interview with me as regarding the alleged sexual misconduct of Bhavananda that got him removed from his post. The reason I know that the devotees plotted to kill me is because the designated killer fell at my feet in a public street upon encountering me for the first time in 13 years, confessing the plot and begging my forgiveness. 

His name was Yamuna Acarya, a name given by Bhavananda. He told me of purchasing the gun and setting his sights on sacrificing his life to avenge guru aprarada (on my part). Instead, he asked me to provide a deposition to the New South Wales Police in Murwillumbah, N.S.W. about my time as headmaster when I encountered Gaur Gopal chasing one of my gurukula students in the woods. Gaur Gopal was a homosexual pedophile, the ISKCON PR man and an associate of Bhavananda who had married Gaur Gopal off to the mother of the boy running in the woods. I provided that deposition to the police in 2002.

“Can you believe the old pervert is still going strong and lives not a stone's throw from the North Sydney Temple where he still minces around like the Queen of the Kirtan? I had close personal dealings for extended periods of time with Bhavananda which all contain plenty of "dark side" stuff. Bhavanada's pedophilia was a crime, some of it happened on my watch when I was the headmaster of the gurukula in Murwillumbah, Australia.” (Achyuta das, 2017)


“In November 1983 an Australian Srila Prabhupada disciple, Shyambhur das, arrived at my office at the Murwillambah Gurukula. 

Bhavananda the rising Hanibal 

He had been living in Mayapur with his French wife but had departed post-haste to Australia due to great alarm over the activities of Bhavananda in Mayapur that were in the process of being revealed. He had come to warn me, as the headmaster charged with training kids to be Bhavananda’s disciples. 
His story involved Bhavananda molesting underage boys at the gurukula in Mayapur. Then Bhavananda showed up at the farm within a day or two of this warning. He was ensconced in the “white house” (before his mansion was built) and my meeting with him is engraved on the retina of my memory like few other encounters in this lifetime. 

I called on Bhavananda in his quarters and announced solemnly that I needed to discuss something important with him. He was very cordial (Bhavananda had great charisma. He was a Charm Demon of the first order) and invited me to sit. There we were, the two Americans, and I’m not the same roll over as these Aussies. I told him word for word the allegations that had been brought to me.

“He took it all in and then…let the show begin. Bacis lied, acted, performed, and described the stories brought to me by Shyambhur as Krishna’s direct mercy on him because he had tolerated, forgiven, out of compassion, the sinful acts of the “queer pujari,” Shyambhur. He realizes now, he says, he should have been firm with Shyambhur about these sinful acts in the Holy Dham.

“Whenever I have gone back over that half hour with Bacis, remembering his claim of a special, direct real-time connection thru Prabhupada to Krishna as the reason these reports had begun to circulate- they were a chastisement to His Divine Grace Bhavananda Das Goswami himself for his lack of judgment in respect to these illicit behaviours of the punjari -I am amazed. 

He claimed due of his special role as direct connection to guru-Krishna, these rumors were a direct communication from Krishna to he himself of Krishna's displeasure at how he had handled Shyambhur’s child molestations. I approached Bhavananda to raise matters of utmost moral gravity and I, in retrospect, was subjected to the most untruthful, manipulative response one might imagine. I am an experienced psychiatric nurse, and the nursing notes on that encounter would have to include the word "psychopath" to describe that behavior. 

I know in the deepest part of my eternal being this man is an irredeemable evil, lying, scheming demonic human (in this lifetime at least). I left his quarters convinced by his humility, contrition, smooth black grease, that he was wrongly accused. Rakshasa level performance. 

“About two days later four officers from the Department of Immigration came to the gurukula looking for Jeffery Solomon. That is the legal name of Brighupati das (USA) who came to Australia before me, received an amnesty after overstaying his visa and was a legal resident of the country. When I was asked to take over the school, with Brighupati’s agreement, they gave me his name because I was in a high profile position, doing TV and radio interviews at a time the Hare Krishna Movement was in the spotlight and under fire and I was not legally in the country. 

"So, when the Immigration Officers came to the school looking for Mr. Solomon, they knew whoever was using his name was illegally in the country. I was taken in handcuffs from the school, placed in a state prison where I remained for over a month. 

“It was directly his fear of my knowledge of his crimes that led him to have me arrested and incarcerated in a state prison. I would have been deported but for Hari Sari's intervention, as he knew the truth and didn't let them railroad me. He gave me $5K so I could pay my own way from the country and not be deported. When I was arrested, the devotees went into my private residence and stole my household belongings, books, clothing, automobile, everything. I never saw any of it again. 

"I was forced to leave the country; I went to New Zealand directly from prison, and later was granted permanent residency in Australia but was required to enter Australia from country of origin (USA). So, I went to Dallas and worked under Tamal getting the Dallas gurukula recognized by the State of Texas, as I had done for the Australian school. 

“I returned to Australia in April of 1986. All the real troubles began after my return to the Darlinghurst Temple. I arrived to find Bhavananda, Chitta Hari, Pratapana and the whole criminal gaggle of ISKCON leadership ensconced in Bhavananda's $500K apartment, crisis-managing over $600K BBT money that had gone missing in an overnight cocaine deal gone wrong. The intermediary between the devotees and the deal makers was a Sydney Jewish attorney, the brother of a Bhavananda disciple married to Vamsivadana (do you remember him? 

"Canadian. Lives here. Mad as a hatter and calls himself a Rabbi of the Yadus- (Jews.) That money was recouped by another of those marathons the Aussie devotees were fond of- no one was ever told the truth about that incident. There are others who know more about the drugs than I. Chittahari, Pratapana (current and longtime head of Darlinghurst operations, millionaire (how does that happen?), Bhavananda, and some grimy hangers on, really they were a low-class operation with clearly flexible morality. I was always the outsider at the management meetings. That was a definite drug deal. There are reports it was not the only one.

“In your chapter, there is an item about the Punjabi taxi driver in Vrndavana. I remember that Punjabi, not his name. I met him in Florida, he was of Cuban origin.” (Achyuta das, 2017)


Paratrikananda das of Los Angeles had compiled a report in 1998 some reminiscences and anecdotes from various sources, and the following were about Bhavananda:

Late May 1977: Bhavananda describes to Yasodananda das about Srila Prabhupada’s upcoming appointment of ritvik representatives, then declares gleefully, “I can’t wait until we get to do this!”
Bhavananda eats French fries in a joyful mood at the time of Srila Prabhupada’s departure.
Bhavananda stands at the top of the stairs in Vrindabana at the time of Srila Prabhupada’s departure: “POWER! POWER! POWER!”


There are too many allegations of Bhavananda’s child and homosexual escapades so that it won’t all fit in this chapter. Suffice it to say he had no control, and crashed and burned as a zonal successor guru within a few years, having thoroughly ruined his credibility with his own reckless behavior. Someone with such uncontrollable lust for sense gratification, engaged in such lowly activities as child sex and rape, also allegedly arranging for murder, can also be expected to be the type of person who could poison his spiritual master for the all-attractive rewards of the power and wealth that would come as a result. In addition to the actual direct evidence, this personality assessment confirms he had the character of one capable of the worst sort of crimes. 

Now, someone may protest that it is irrelevant or faultfinding to dwell on Bhavananda’s character traits and history, but this is not so. In many criminal court trials, it is allowed and relevant to explore the character, history, and mentality of the accused as it relates to the crime at hand. So let us not fall for that sentimental trick again, “Oh, it is offensive to examine Bhavananda like that!” The levels of outright audacious cheating, narcissism, uncontrolled sex drive, perverted desires, lust for power, etc leads to think that, yes, the giggler in the whisper “the poison’s going down” could do something like poison someone. 

After all, he has done just about everything else, and the temptation of becoming as good as God will carry some away to do just about anything. 
To conclude, we refer to a conversation that Yasodanandana das recorded in his diary from July 1977 when Srila Prabhupada had announced the appointment of eleven ritviks to initiate disciples on his behalf. Bhavananda was included on the list.

BHAV: On behalf of Prabhupada. We’ll initiate while he is in this condition. 
YAS: What about after? 
BHAV: I guess we don’t know yet. 
YAS: (changing the topic) So it should be a nice fire sacrifice. 
BHAV: You take care of this. You put on a good show. 
(The fire sacrifice was ready to start and Bhavananda all of sudden exclaimed:) 
BHAV: I can’t wait till we start to do this. I can’t wait!

Bhavananda’s enthusiasm to take up the job of initiating disciples was just bubbling over. And although he and the others did not know in July how it applied to after Srila Prabhupada was gone, which wouldn’t be long since he was being lethally poisoned for many months already, by the time December came, their conspiracy to become successor acharyas was secretly discussed, fully developed, and already being implemented. Hansdadutta and Kirtanananda started initiating their own disciples before New Years Day, 1978. What happened between July and December that changed “We don’t know yet” to “It was clearly understood that we will become full gurus”?

Srila prabhupada doing arati at Krishna Balaram temple           Vrindavan, India


Srila Prabhupada: “Suppose if I am here and somebody kills me, and if you 
do not protest, is it a very good business? People will be surprised that “So many disciples
are there, and this man is being killed, and nobody do anything?” (75 41027SB.MAY Lectures)


[((( Audio-Clip03: 01:40-02:10 )))]
 Prabhupada: (groans)
“Devotee 1”: (whispered) Push real hard(?), it's going down..
“Devotee 2”: (giggles)
“Devotee 1”: ..The poison's going down.
“Devotee 2”: (holds back laughter, then coughs twice to regain composure)

Truth Committee - Nityananda Das


Logical Result (RE: Sridhara Maharaja and ISKCON gurus)

We need to meet with these "acharya board" folks?

Logical Result


The last report in the Sun about the 1980 meeting with Sridhara Maharaja is significant of the ISKCON situation at this time, and shows us how quickly things changed after Srila Prabhupada's departure. The discussion is already about a kind of ultimatum which devotees should present the big leaders with. Only 2 ½ years after November 1977! ISKCON appears already to be in a desperate and very urgent situation. 

We can see that 40 years later, things are very little different (which does not mean better), but the worries of many devotees are more or less the same. And ISKCON authenticity is discussed exactly the same. There was not any real improvement in this matter. It is even maybe possible to think that today, it is worse than in 1980.

Sridhara Maharaja's advice in this meeting, about what to do in such a case is maybe valuable by itself in any other situation. But is completely illusory in this particular one! Just useless words and hopeless plans situated under illusion.

[PADA: Right, the devotees should meet with the acharya board. Fine except, they are not acharyas? Sridhara Maharaja fails to address the root issue, these people have hi-jacked the acharya post. What is an "acharya board"? Its a concoction, plain and simple. The acharya board was made to over ride the GBC concept, there is no longer a GBC, there are now acharyas who are the overlords and overseers of the GBC.]

Personally, I feel exactly the same with what he says than I felt decades later in our Movement. And exactly the same as what appears sometimes during the night in my dreams-soft nightmares about ISKCON: we turn around and around, without ever anything decisive and with only double talk. 

[PADA: Exactly, no matter how much lipstick we put on a pig, its still a pig. No matter how many meetings, and contrived "rules for legislating the guru" people come up with, the original root issue -- the GBC are not qualified to be gurus, is not being fixed. The GBC / Rocana / Torben / Ajit Krishna / Hanuman Croatia program are busy making a "constitution" with layers and layers and layers of more "rules for administering the acharyas," but its all double talk. The GBC was never meant to "administer" the acharyas.]

The leaders' plans about devotees unsatisfaction and complaints and about our Movement problems is only to win time, through easy promises and illusory so-called strategies. That, in order to keep devotees/manpower within ISKCON and under their control. It is actually very exasperating. We did not come to Krsna Consciousness for that!

Sridhara Maharaja's advice in this meeting is completely illusory in the sense that first, I suppose that all the "acaryas", at this time, were also GBCs. So, there was, first, an obvious big conflict of interest. Moreover, those "acaryas" got already huge amounts of money, which gave them automatically much power. And also they got many of "their own" new disciples who believed those "acaryas" were bona fide and were almost ready to die for them. 

Therefore, those "acaryas" were already almost self-sufficient. Consequently, why should they have to care about a coming threat from other Prabhupada disciples that they may leave the Society and go out independently? The "acaryas" certainly even encouraged that in order to get rid of devotees who were questioning their way to conceive ISKCON and Krsna Consciousness. Stalin did the same and worse with old Lenin "disciples"!

In conclusion, what Sridhara Maharaja proposed can work only in a society where there is, first, no conflict of interest. And second, where people are at a minimum honest. It cannot work in a society where persons put their personal desires and ambitions before the collective interest. Democracy or collective discussions can work only if people are mainly honest. All that shows us the insoluble problems generated when we give the title and position of guru to persons who have still personal desires and so, are not qualified: demons, kanistha-adhikaris and even at best madyama-adhikaris.

Even if the Society sets rules, the position of guru naturally gives, through name, fame, title, money, disciples, prathista, illusion etc... those gurus the power to be, somehow, situated beyond those rules. They will follow those rules only when they are convenient to them. The Society and devotees are therefore taken hostage by this reality.

[PADA: Right. Rocana's plan to make more administrative rules and a constitution to manage and govern his self appointed acharyas is simply more double speak. Acharyas are not managed by the kanistha leadership of an institution, this is simply a big illusion. My friend Adiyajna dasa was telling me, the GBC is getting better because they are "learning from their mistakes." 

Well there you have it, Krishna's successor gurus are people who are in training and they are: making mistakes, they are in illusion, they are cheating, they are embezzling, they are sexual predators, in sum -- gurus are ordinary conditioned souls. To say gurus are conditioned souls is the mad elephant offense, of course then Adiyajna das said he has nothing further to discuss and he ran off. 

There is no such thing as "acharyas in training" who are "learning from their mistakes." They are not gurus, that is the problem. Anyway, the point is, almost everyone saw the defects of the GBC guru sabha early on, and the same defects are still there, i.e. they are not fit for the post of acharyas. ys pd]  

Valmiki Ramayan (with sanskrit slokas)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Akshaya Patra to operate Gurukulas in India

Sridhara Maharaja: ISKCON devotees dying and already dead

GBC still promotes Jayapataka as "a pure devotee parampara member." One thing we cannot help notice, no one including Sridhara Maharaja seems to have discussed how neophytes cannot absorb sins by taking the post of diksha guru, and how neophytes taking these sins will pull them down. 

So its amazing, not only the mass is dead and dying, the gurus are often dead and dying from making severe offenses ... this process kills the perpetrators and the victims equally?

Second Conversation With Srila Sridhara Maharaja, Part 9

SM: Bengali:

If I have to say something formally from outside, then I have to say that among you who enjoy the greatest confidence of all the devotees, through such a man you call for a meeting in America or wherever the field is the most important. And in that meeting, the ones, those who are willing to boldly face the situation, participate, the GBCs, those who you feel are dissatisfied inwardly, call them and call a few acaryas like Ramesvara Maharaja who are sympathetic. 

And then in the meeting you record the feeling of different devotees and then with the strength of that resolution you call for their explanation that, "What you are doing in the name of Prabhupada? You are not absolutely infallible. Due to your activities the mass of the disciples of Prabhupada has become very bewildered. They are becoming very disappointed and they can see that a great loss is going to be incurred by the ISKCON society. The ISKCON society is in danger." [-->]

[PADA: Right, the mass of devotees are rejecting the "appointed guru" program right out of the gate. Thus the mass of devotees are bewildered, disappointed, unhappy and they see that the entire society is in danger of failing. The mass of devotees in sum see that the GBC's gurus are not on the platform of actual gurus, i.e. absolute and infallible. Yes, the mass of devotees see that these living gurus are creating a situation where ISKCON is in great danger of failing and falling. Sometimes people say Sridhara Maharaja / the GBC / Bhakti Caru etc. "did not know there was a crisis." Nope, they were discussing the "guru" crisis early on, and so were the mass of devotees.]

SM: So now you all reconsider yourselves and appeal to them to readjust themselves and thus this disaster can be saved. 

[PADA: Right, you have to appease the complaints of the mass of devotees otherwise, the (mass exodus) disaster simply gets worse.]

"So many devotees are leaving the movement. So many devotees have become half-dead, and so many devotees have already died. And so many are lamenting and we cannot just sit idly without trying to rectify the situation. We ourselves do not want any position, but what is going on is intolerable. It shows that the major portion is going to die. So we want some action to rectify this situation. We want some remedy for this. This must be thought out and accepted." [-->]

[PADA: Right, the GBC / Rocana / Gaudiya Matha / Torben / Ajit Krishna / Hanuman Croatia et al. "living guru" program is making the entire MASS of devotees half dead, and many have died already. The situation is intolerable. We need to remedy the situation, its a crisis. Sounds like a real vote of confidence? 

These living gurus are making the devotees feel half dead, or even feel totally dead (spiritually) in fact. In other words the living gurus are killing the spiritual enthusiasm of the mass of devotees and thus they are squashing the life essence out of ISKCON and its devotees. One big book distributor told me in 1980 he could no longer distribute books, he lost his enthusiasm. He did not want to invite people to come to ISKCON to worship fools like Hansadutta, so he gave up and went out to the karmi world. So this living guru process was draining the manpower out of the society, and was crushing the enthusiasm of the very people required to make the society function.] 

SM: So with this idea, you form a committee, make a resolution, and then selectively invite to come. In this way you call for a meeting, pass a resolution, and then cal for them and ask them to readjust their position and reconsider. Otherwise we shall be in painful necessity to make progress independently. You can say this in this line. (SM repeats this in English)

[PADA: Right, unless the God brothers are re-united with the movement they will go on independently without the society. The mass exodus / purge will continue and get worse. Correct. By 1985 Berkeley only had three Prabhupada devotees left, one of them was Hansaudutta. Everyone else had been purged out.]

SM: English: If you are.. so many good men, good followers of Swami Maharaja are exhaustably, frustrated, then you may do one thing. You may call a mass meeting of the followers and the well-wishers of your Prabhupada. And there you may … may discuss the present hopeless situation of the society, that it is gradually dwindling and dwindling, and it is intolerable to us. 

[PADA: Yep, under the GBC and Rocana's living gurus, the situation has become hopeless, the society is dwindling and dwindling, simultaneously the GBC guru's scandals and crises are increasing. Yep!]

SM: We are well-wishers of this mission and it is intolerable, we cannot tolerate any more. So what is the path before us to redress the wrong? Hmm. So invite a general meeting and you also invite some of the GBC members and if possible acarya like Ramesvara and so… and you amongst yourself, consult amongst yourself what to do. And then give an ultimatum to the acarya board. [-->]

[PADA: Well there is no point in giving an ultimatum to the acharya board, because none of them are acharyas? This is the problem with Sridhara Maharaja / Rocana etc. they think they can "advise and correct" their bogus rubber stamped acharyas. This never works, a person who thinks he is as good as Jesus is not going to listen to anyone, just like the bogus Jesus in Bellvue mental home do not listen to anyone's advice. These GBC's should never have been empowered and enabled to take the post of guru in the first place.]

SM: Our resolution at the mass meeting of the followers of Prabhupada is this: that you should readjust your position, or otherwise we shall be under painful necessity to take the line independently, for the welfare of the whole mission. We cannot be a sightseer, that so many are going astray, and so many dying, and so many are going to be killed and these things. It is intolerable. 

[PADA: Yes, the mass exodus and purge process was well known to everyone even early on. Oddly, Sridhara Maharaja also said that Hansadutta has to stay in the guru seat, and SM was saying Hansadutta has to remain as the guru even up to 1985? So he was supporting both the dissenters and the evil regime at the same time.]

SM: High time. And you must come to __________. In this way you can… if you feel that the mass will be with you, at least a substantial portion will be with you, and those that are gone astray that… Pradyumna and others, you may also invite them. The dissatisfied. Before mass meeting, you can have a selected meeting also, first and then after consultation you go on to for a … prepare yourself for a mass meeting.

DKS: Yes.

SM: First selected few meeting.

DKS: Definitely, at our Mayapur meeting next year, there will, some… a meeting also of the temple presidents who are also dissatisfied and…

SM: There are many… this first… the stalwarts meet first. And then a mass meeting you arrange. And the… after the stalwarts meeting, meeting of the handful, leading persons among you, you may give some ultimatum to the acarya board that this is going to happen, and it will be… the publicity will be great and it will be to your discredit. 

So try to come to our terms, consult, consultation and readjustment. But if you have argument then will be forced to prepare for a mass meeting of the… our godbrothers and to do the needful. This process you may take. Before that your group, committee resolution, should be intimated to them and last appeal to their good sense. The mass ______________ revolted against you. 

We feel we are also sincere workers, we want to sacrifice our life, and our… I think our life is valuable. So seeing that you are going ostensibly, we see that you are leading astray. We cannot remain, impartial viewer, or only a visitor. We have got interest in the mission. You should know this and not less than you. In this way you can do. What do you say?

BCS: Yes, Maharaja.

SM: Selected meeting and then approach them with a resolution and next mass meeting. If you are prepared for real fighting. You can do like that.

BCS: I think that it is going to be like this…

SM: Personal contact. Those that are going independent, hopeless, disappointed, going off, away from the association, you may meet them personally one by one. Let us come together. In this way a stalwart meeting will be first and then the resolution will be given, notice given to them and then mass meeting. And there it should be mentioned that we cannot be sightseer. We have got life interest in the mission. We come to save. And if we say that in the name of saving… you are all killers, we cannot tolerate that. We have also got fire, the spark from our guru maharaja, eh?

BCS: I think first Ramesvara Maharaja will try, after this, after he hears this tape, like he will try to get the other gurus to get together and come to you for advice, and if they don't do that…

SM: I am open to all. Generally I want that both parties will come and I shall try to help that it may not be broken asunder, torn asunder. Such a great thing has been done by Swami Maharaja, I love it very much. That a worldwide movement, organization that will be broken into faction, I can't tolerate this. So I like both parties will come and I shall try to find out a middle solution. But the party in power they may not care to come. I am… for a long time I am feeling that whenever I have dome upon a person going dissatisfied, dissatisfaction is going within the party. I am certain and unhappy. 

But the party in power does not care to come to me. Both the parties come, I want some sort of compromise, of course helpful compromise, not _____________ compromise. Helpful compromise may be affected and the united front will be kept up intact. That is desirable, for me at least. I am not… long time to live. I am sufficiently old but I don't like to see that Swami Maharaja's great work is disturbed in such a ways. 

So laudable a thing. prthivite ahce yata nagar adi gram / sarvatra pracara hoibe mora nam. This great action undertaken by Swami Maharaja effectively successful, that is going to be ruined by internal fued? Intolerable. So if both the parties come I shall try my best before I die that I want to see a united front and a healthy thing. Healthy institution, that is my heart's desire.

BCS: That is what most of the godbrothers also feel. They feel that whatever Sridhara Maharaja says, we will accept the decision.

SM: In the core of my heart I desire such. That it may be broken… it may remain united front and do the victory over the other religious principles. There are so many enemies in the name of religion, they are flourishing and such a great future will be lost? It is intolerable. And especially Prabhupada asked me to go to the West. I could not go, but the, Prabhupada has come the West to me, so I must have got some holy duty to discharge about that, I feel. So anyhow, it may not be broken into pieces. United we stand, divided we fall. But if hopeless then no alternative. For the sake of the truth… we must always side with the truth and not with the falsehood. Hare Krsna. Gaur Haribol.

All: Bengali

SM: I can feel… I saw that in him, and Swami Maharaja, he took the responsibility of that great unfinished work and did wonderfully successful work and we feel proud for him, we feel pride for his activity and how can we tolerate in our lifetime, within two or three years after his departure it will be broken into pieces? It is intolerable. Hare Krsna. But if for the sake of quality, for the sake of truth, we are to face such situation, can't help, truth is everything. satyam param dhimahi. Gaur Haribol. Jaya Caitanya.

This concludes "Second Conversation With Srila Sridhara Maharaja"

[PADA: Yes, first of all Sridhara Maharaja supported the acharya board, then later he said we should have mass meetings to discuss compromise with them, but the Pandora's box was already opened. The GBC gurus now felt they were the unchallenged authority and they were God's representatives on earth, and thus no one could challenge God's spokesmen and representatives. So they created a fanatical personal cult program, which has still never been uprooted even up to now. Sridhara Maharaja said we should get the sympathetic like Ramesvara, but he was making a very fanatical program in Los Angeles, where  dissenters were banned, exiled, some were allegedly beaten and later one was murdered. Hence Ramesvara was called "Srila Ragesvara" by some of the dissenters, he was not a moderate as Sridhara Maharaja assumed. ys pd]

You can make tricks to become worshiped, but it only lasts for awhile.
Of course madness is another result of imitation of guru

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Jayapataka Implicated in Poison Complaint








Jayapataka Swami is one of the original eleven fraudulent successor “acharyas” who claimed that Srila Prabhupada had appointed them as the next initiating gurus for ISKCON. This was a BIG LIE, in which Jayapataka participated, and which was admitted by the GBC in 1990. This was not a simple misunderstanding; it was a conspiracy by senior men, including Jayapataka, to highjack the movement and install themselves as Srila Prabhupada’s inheritors. 

See Book Two. 

This was a great fraud and spiritual crime for which Jayapataka has never made any explanation or apology. Jayapataka is believed, at a high-level of certitude, to be involved in Srila Prabhupada’s poisoning, suspected because of the evidence that implicates him, as well as his placement in the center of the unauthorized guru takeover of ISKCON.

If someone gets a share of the stolen money from a bank robbery, it is quite clear they were involved in the robbery, even though perhaps not amongst those who held up the tellers with guns. Jayapataka is a natural person of prime interest in Srila Prabhupada’s poisoning.


Hansadutta, Bhavananda, and Jayapataka are in the room when the poison whispers take place. In one instance on the last conversation tapes, Jayapataka is heard speaking with Srila Prabhupada in the background, not as whispers, but in full voice which was faintly recorded on the tape, perhaps because the recorder was across the room. Forensic analysis has confirmed this whispered conversation in the background to be:


“Whisper #3” takes place on page 391, Conversations Book #36, Nov. 10, 1977. Someone speaks four words in Bengali, after which Jayapataka Maharaja (it definitely is his voice) says what sounds to Mahabuddhi and many others as “POISON ISHVARYA RASA.” [(((mp3-audio)))]

VOICE: Bengali 4-word phrase: (kayek din pare asha, meaning “In a few days time.” (Maybe Jayapataka)

JAYAPATAKA: Poison ishvarya rasa (?) OR: [(((mp3-audio)))]

JAYAPATAKA: POISONING FOR A LONG TIME Certified by audio forensics (Jack Mitchell):




[ ]

When one listens to this part of the last tape recordings several times, it becomes more clear, and the most heartbreaking section is where Srila Prabhupada weakly asks in great surprise, “To me?” It appears to be Jayapataka admitting to Srila Prabhupada that they had been poisoning him for a long time, which is confirmed by the cadmium hair tests, namely that is was in effect at level levels from at least February 1977 until Srila Prabhupada’s departure 9 months later. 

This was some kind of “poison ishvarya rasa” or poisoning pastime, and that Srila Prabhupada should prepare to go, perhaps in a few days time. Totally shocking it is, but try as many have, there is no innocuous interpretation to the conversation. And it has been certified by the audio forensic specialist Jack Mitchell at CAE.

Therefore Jayapataka is classified as one of the primary suspects. He had the means, the motive, the opportunity, and the taperecording implicates him as well. Jayapataka was also situated right next to the tape recorder when the whispers, “The poison’s going down” and “The poison’s in the milk” were spoken, as indicated by the volume of his voice before and after the whispers. How could he be right there, within a few feetof the whispers between Tamal and Bhavananda, and not know what was going on?


On July 15, 1999 an article was posted on by Radhapran das, Vice-president, Bukit Mertajam Temple in Malayasia:

“Amidst the various opinions made regarding the alleged poisoning of our beloved spiritual master His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, H.H. Jayapataka Maharaja has made several very significant comments during his recent-most tour of Malaysia in June. During a private darshan at Bukit Mertajam on 12 June 1999, Bhaktin Mala, a local devotee, put forth questions to Jayapataka Swami on the poison issue. 

Also present during the darshan were other local devotees such as H.G. Krishna Parayana das, H.G. Guna Avatar das, their respective wives, etc. In reply, Maharaja indicated that Srila Prabhupada had been close to the Gaudiya Matha during his final days on the planet and had taken food from them. He even went on to remark in his own words, that the Gaudiya Matha might have poisoned Prabhupada by saying: ‘they might have done it.’“

Thus a prominent GBC and ISKCON guru, Jayapataka Swami, went on record as admitting that such a poisoning was possible, where as the official ISKCON position has been one of flat denial. If the Gaudiya Math was able to poison Srila Prabhupada’s food, it would have been right under the noses of Bhakticharu and Tamal, who were responsible for security in this area. But, the rest of the article wonders, how could those poison whispers be attributed to the Gaudiya Math when Tamal, Bhavananda, and Jayapataka’s voices are recognizable in the three whispers?

It is noteworthy that Jayapataka did not enter any statement into the official GBC poisoning denial book, Not That I Am Poisoned. He must have been asked to do so, and he must have declined, thinking better of doing so. Why should he say anything, after all?


Around 1998, due to many complaints from many devotees, and following a committee investigation, Jayapataka Swami was CENSURED or reprimanded (given a warning to make changes), for not chanting his daily japa of 16 rounds on his beads, and for poor sadhana in other ways as well. Jayapataka also instigated by his activities that the GBC had to rule that ISKCON initiating gurus may only allow their birthday celebrations once a year, because he was constantly travelling around the world where his disciples would arrange a Vyasa-puja birthday celebration at each location. The result was constant celebration, year-round. This disturbed many devotees who saw this practice as a continuation of the zonal acharya era practices. He was also accused of constant travel so that devotees would not notice his lack of sadhana.

In March 1978 when Sridhar Maharaja told Jayapataka that being appointed as a ritvik representative of the guru does not automatically make one an initiating guru later, Jayapataka told Sridhar Maharaja, as recorded on tape, referring to the May 28 tape: "Prabhupada has given explicit desires." Sridhar Maharaja then believed that Srila Prabhupada had actually appointed eleven acharyas, and gave his extensive advice to ISKCON’s “new acharyas” on that basis. This was an act of deceit by Jayapataka; there was no giving of explicit desires or instructions by Srila Prabhupada that anyone become a successor guru. This led to the exploitation of Sridhar Maharaja by ISKCON leaders, using his advice based on misinformation (a lie from Jayapataka) to then further justify their zonal acharya system. Sridhar Maharaja should not have trusted Jayapataka’s word so easily and he should have asked for proof that Srila Prabhupada wanted new gurus, just as many are doing now.

“Maharaja, when our Srila Prabhupada left, then he has given instruction that for initiating and carrying on the sampradaya there would be eleven- in the beginning, he appointed eleven devotees, his disciples, to be initiating spiritual master or to accept disciples and in the future thatnumber would also be able to be increased.” (Jayapataka to Sridhar Maharaja, March 1978)

Of course that was a big, bold lie. There has never been any evidence produced since 1977 that Srila Prabhupada appointed anyone to initiate after his departure. And the GBC in 1990 admitted it was not true and apologized for the decade of zonal gurus based on that lie. Jayapataka boldly lied to Sridhara Maharaja and misled him into giving faulty advice and an endorsement of the unauthorised guru system that he and his cohorts had conspired to foist upon the general devotees.

We find Jayapataka to have been the most sly and clever of all the bogus initiating gurus, always carefully calculating his responses and actions, usually by being non-committal and vague. He is an expert and Teflon politician. He has a powerful astrological configuration to protect from death: he survived in 1990 a knife attack to his throat which circled half his head but missed his jugular vein by an eighth of an inch. Healso has so far survived a severe stroke which has paralyzed one side of his body. Thus there are explanations as to why Jayapataka just keeps going on… and on.

There have also been many incidences and reports of his fanatically inclined disciples in Bengal, with incidents of an unexplained and suspicious prison suicide, bomb explosions, beatings of perceived critics, and what is called the Bengali Mafia. Jayapataka has over ten thousand disciples, many who will do anything for him. We have not felt safe going to Mayapur ever since Srila Prabhupada departed, and especially since the Vedic Village Reviews of 1989-1993, what to speak of the book Someone Has Poisoned Me published in 1999.

“Similarly in this institution if there is a bad disciple he can burn the whole
institution into ashes." Srila Prabhupada Letter to Bali Mardan, August 25, 1970.



Truth Committee - Nityananda Das